Stash Capar

Stash spent his early childhood in a refugee camp, surrounded by families looking for a better tomorrow. This forged in him a love for the human spirit that followed him to Canada, the UK, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and finally, the USA. Dropping out of film school in favor of real world experience, Stash worked as an editor and producer before getting into the director’s chair. Since then, he’s gone on to direct award-winning campaigns for AncestryDNA, Fujifilm, Lysol, MadeGood, Nestle, and Tylenol, among other brands. Outside of commercials, Stash is a frequent collaborator with multiple sclerosis charity He was diagnosed with MS in 2011 and has been living with disability for over a decade. He’s a lifelong martial artist, an enthusiastic spear fisherman, and fluent in four languages.